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  Not so good as they promised. I didn’t like it. ... by S. Comments
  I am a college student, but the paper was not worth the high school level. ... by O. M. Comments
  I think my thesis was not challenging enough. ... by A. Comments
  Writing assignments are pleasure for them! ... by D. Comments
  Not all the requirements of my professor were met. ... by J. B. Comments
  I cannot but be satisfied with the quality of my paper. ... by N. C. Comments
  Wow, the support is excellent! I was consulted even at 2 a.m. ... by O. P. Comments
  My papers are always the best thanks to you! ... by C. Comments
  The length of the paper was shorter than I ordered. ... by F. A. Comments
  I got C. Not satisfied at all. ... by A. D. Comments
  Some formatting minuses, but generally good. ... by J. Comments
  Nothing to add as the paper is just what I wanted! ... by A. Comments
  I got D for my essay. Wasn’t worth it. ... by J. Comments
  Original works are always on time! What can be better? ... by O. Comments
  Thanks a lot for the book review! ... by A. J. Comments
  Perfect format was estimated highly! ... by S. J. Comments
  Your webside is an asset for every student! ... by J. Comments
  Got my poem criticized on 4 pages! Thanks a lot. ... by Y. K. Comments
  I always turn to your company and have never been disappointed! ... by R. L. Comments
  one of my guidelines was not taken into the account. ... by V. Comments
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