List Of Formal Words For Academic Writing

The list of formal words for academic writing is not a necessity. Still, if you want your paper to sound professional, you need to use powerful words for writing. There are four reasons why it is essential:

  1. Compound words express more precise meanings. For example, the word “good” can mean anything, whereas the word “quality” is more unambiguous.
  2. Clever words refer to an academic style, and your essay must sound scholarly.
  3. Strong words are interchangeable and allow you to fill the paper with synonyms, making it more readable.
  4. Formal words are easier to make key words, for example, if you are preparing a paper for an academic journal. It isn’t easy to label a topic with simple and abstract words.

Good Vocabulary Words To Use For a Research Paper

All of the above reasons can be brought to one conclusion: if you use simple words, they will ruin even the best research. Imagine finding interesting facts about how the suffragette uprising affected the U.S. economy, but describing it with the words “the revolution was bad,” sounds incomprehensible and even a little silly, doesn’t it?

So let’s look at some examples of what good vocabulary words to use for a research paper. For your benefit, all examples are taken from real academic papers.

Plastic in construction is bad.The use of plastic films as a moisture barrier in wall and roof structures has a negative result.
We took a big piece for analysis.A sample of large size, such as a weight of 200-300, can be given for analysis.
We get this result.The following probability distribution was obtained by running the model.
This chapter gives information about economics.This chapter provides a general overview of the economic situation in America in the 1970s.
This is a good example.This example is applicable to look at the social impact of the problem.
The picture shows the process.The diagram below illustrates how the neural network learning mechanism works.

Present Your Paper With Powerful Words

In the table below, let’s look at what words to use for a research paper. Also, note the comparison of how complex words to use for a term paper makes the work deeper and more interesting. 

  Simple way Better ways
The paper/ study/ article/ work… … presents a low input protocol (SLIC-CAGE) for generating high-quality libraries. … highlights the main line of tradition as opposed to Sinran’s interpretations.
… outlines a detailed protocol for the gene characterization family.
… features analysis of a complex metallurgical sample using an optical emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma.
The paper/ study/ article/ work… … discusses two different asymptotic expansions of matrix integrals. … surveys some aspects of causality tests within autoregressive models.
…questions methodological approaches to solving the problem of the unity of philosophical programs of mathematics justification.
… investigates issues of classification and diagnostics of soils of mixed forest sub-zone.
The paper/ study/ article/ work… … considers details of the activation of the volcano’s thermal state and the localization of effective term anomalies by section … clarifies details of the history of the oligarchic regime that prevailed in Athens between 404 and 403 B.C.
… identifies Shannon’s theorem on silent coding.
The paper/ study/ article/ work… analyzes results of optimization of traditional and intelligent prediction algorithms. evaluates the role of alliances in modern line shipping.
appraises the formation of Digital Art from its origins in the 1950s to the mid-2010s.
dissects early X-ray bursts followed by “plateaus”.
The paper/ study/ article/ work… explains the fundamental provisions of scientific socialism. interprets how genetics and the environment influence the formation of criminals.
delves into the importance of using geotechnological tools in the study of natural resources.
explores the risks of spreading extremist ideas.
Section X covers a general outline of the interaction between Postgres and the operating system. outlines the basic method of LAB-correction and its effectiveness.
  deals with approaches to data processing without a teacher. highlights the meaning and basic procedures of export management.
  talks about the five types of changes in the law suggested by the analysis of this study. contemplates the country’s strategy for obtaining technical assistance.
Subject plays a vital role in the preservation of linguistic traditions in the culture. influences gender politics in European countries.
controls a wide range of social issues in America.
regulates trade flows from Asian countries.
constrains the spread of the feminist agenda.
governs stereotypes applicable to the culture in question.

Use Smart Words To Describe The Topic

Here you will find examples of smart words to use for a research paper for describing the topic. All words to use for term papers are in bold, and the rest are used to show how useful phrases to include in sentences.

X Theory…is widely used as the basis for constructing discrete models of automata that recognize, generate, and transform symbol sequences.… commonly/frequently implemented for calculations of physical problems, but it is known to lead to errors in calorimetric parameters when applied to calculations of molecules in the gas phase.

To describe the recent focus on a topic

Much attention has been drawn to theory, the importance of which has increased even more with the emergence of new branches of science and technology.Discussions regarding the results of liberal reforms and the search for a new strategy at the turn of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have dominated research in recent years.
Interculturality has gained much importance in hermeneutics in recent years, especially in the study of culture.Pietro Galatino’s work has critically influenced academic dialogue of translators who oscillated between the forms of Jehoiada and Joaoi.
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To identify the current majority opinion about a topic

The consensus has been that 5G technology is safe, and the arguments against it are conspiracy theories. Prior research generally confirms that using this principle, the proportion of patients who emerge from unconsciousness can increase from 34% to 74%.
Prior research substantiates the belief that traditional society, like the Mennonite ethno-confession, has difficulty parting with tradition.

To describe the previous studies

Start with “Previous studies…” and go on with the following:

… indicate impaired glucose metabolism in patients with migraines during and outside attacks.… contend that as part of the analytical function of marketing F1, to recognize an unstable market, marketing employees need to analyze the ratio of profits from short-term projects to the total net profit from all activities (high values of these indicators reduce the quality of income).
… have documented carcinogenic risk of night shift work and artificial light.… proffer to keep track of all parental payments as the first step for successful monitoring.
… have demonstrated that Alzheimer’s disease is directly related to hippocampal cells.… suggest that about two-thirds of the region’s glaciers could disappear in the next decade.
… have shown that climate change is likely to increase turbulence on transatlantic flights… have proven that Native Americans used mollusk shell beads as money.

To express the breadth of our current knowledge base, including gaps

Much is known about how they form such unusual hives during relocation. The academic community has extensively explored the process of formation of calcium carbonate particles of different shapes.
But, little is known about the stability of such “structures”. However, prior studies have failed to evaluate/ identify / (any other word suggested to replace “analyze” above) mechanisms of crystallization of calcium carbonate particles, the growth process of particles of different morphologies, as well as the dependence of particle morphology on the crystal phase of calcium carbonate.
Combine  Prior research has thoroughly investigated anthropological and ontological aspects of Ambrose of Mediolano’s teaching on Caritas love. However, little research has been conducted to show that Ambrose of Mediolano’s teaching on love applies the general Christian paradigm of thinking, which is that it is better to suffer than to enjoy.

Write a Strong Conclusion

Finally, we will tell you how and what words to use for a research paper when you are already writing the last part. Here it is important to show what idea you came up with in the end and what conclusion you reached. So the words to use for the term paper in the table below will help you to express this. On the left side of the table, you can see basic word choices, and on the right side, you can see smarter and more complex synonyms.

To express agreement between one finding and another

This paper/ study/ investigation… … supports the hypothesis that emotional experiences can be associated with smells, and when those smells reappear, they can influence behavior by evoking the same mood. substantiates the author’s approach to distinguishing the characteristics corporation.
… confirms previous findings of national organisations’ receptivity to interacting with experts in their respective fields and their willingness and ability to communicate information from research to a large audience.
… corroborates that we should not try to “cure” homosexuality.
… underlines the importance of striking a balance between protecting creditors’ rights (e.g., selling assets in the event of default).

To present contradictory findings

… calls into question the feasibility of developing a PMM strategy in a volatile environment and suggests that a flexible PMM system would be a better approach. … challenges all dinosaur protein and cell discoveries.
… disputes a common perception is that children with autism have difficulty “reading” another person’s emotions.
… rebuts the assumption that age-related cognitive impairment is an obligatory and irreversible condition.
… refutes the connection between personality position and the experience of illness.
… disproves the widespread view in the scholarly literature that the Jadidic system of education was more successful.
… debunks the myth of corporal punishment in the family as a benign parenting practice that does not cause serious negative consequences for the child.

To draw inferences from results

The data…

These findings…

… suggest the prospect of anti-apoptotic strategies to reduce the intensity of secondary damage and prevent the expansion of the zone of traumatic spinal cord injury. … extrapolate notions of subjectivity and intensional state on living organisms or even on technical systems.
… deduce that the appeals stage is of a special nature and applies only in certain cases.
… show the different orientations of externals and internals to forms of success: internal or external. … surmise the system of evidence that declares the moral motive to be unconditionally priority over all other motives of being is expressed in the idea (expressed as early as Socrates): a single virtue is sufficient for happiness.
… approximate hypothesis of the study.

To discuss methods

This study…

X method…

… used chemically modified technologies to knock out microRNA29c expression which correlated with improved albuminuria in db/db mice. … applied to reveal the potential of an abstract-logical method of the research of agricultural policy in retrospect under the angle of the observance of political-economic regularity concerning the correspondence of agrarian relations to the level and character of development of productive forces of agriculture.
… administered using modern methods of instrumental examination of patients.
… performed questionnaire-type techniques. … disseminated where precise measurement methods cannot be applied: in the humanities, where human beings and human relationships are the object of study, and in economics.
… relayed the spirit and atmosphere of the time and was a necessary addition to the understanding of the essence of society’s state at that time.

To explain the impact of a paper’s findings

This paper/ study/ investigation…

… demonstrates certain gaps in media literacy, which points to the need for preventive measures on personal safety on the Internet for adults and children. … illustrates a possible scheme of action of the attacker and the situation of attack on the client.
… proves that the Indo-European languages were spread by shepherds from the Eurasian steppe (according to the existing “steppe hypothesis”).
… shows how the brain learns and remembers, as well as which molecules are involved in these processes. … evidences that the most frequent categories of manifestation of the author’s position are the values of uncertainty, while the lowest level showed the means of certainty, which can be explained by the desire of the authors not so much to categorically state their position, but, allowing the possibility, to interpret the facts cautiously.
… strengthens the evidence base for the need to improve preventive measures at the individual and population level to reduce alcohol-attributable mortality.

To highlight a paper’s conclusion

… establishes that the clinical predictors that determine the severity of patients with a non-malignant course of schizophrenia are not obligatory in the socialization of this category of patients. … attributes that a long period of enforced isolation combined with a recessionary economy may cause people to reduce their consumption of luxury goods, opting to purchase necessities.
… illustrates the relationship between the motivational sphere and socialization.
… proves that the paradox can be circumvented. … advances the idea that the oligarchs are changing generations under the guise of lustration.

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