How to Write an Extension Letter for Assignment

Let’s face it – there hardly ever was a student who had managed to hand in every writing task on time. If punctuality and the ability to meet the tightest deadlines is not your strength, read on!

In this article, you will find how to write an extension letter for assignment and do it well. You’ll win yourself some time without spoiling the tutor’s impression. Sounds promising, right?

Such letters are actually more common than you may think as we are all procrastinators here. Check out our working tips in this brief guide to make your life easier – at least in this regard.

What Is an Extension Letter?

Covering the basics is a sure way to succeed in any matter, and this guide is no exception. Conversely, let’s throw in a definition of an extension letter first. Basically, it’s a message a learner sends to a tutor in which a student asks for postponing the final date for a particular assignment.

As simple as that may be, not all students know how to write an extension letter for an assignment properly. One might even have a serious reason for being late with a certain task, but failure to communicate the issue efficiently often gets in a way.

Who May Need an Extension Letter?

A simple answer to this question will be – pretty much everyone. Indeed, the reasons why students ask for an extension are those to which a fresher can relate to with the same extent as a soon-to-be graduate or even a postdoc.

Here are a few most common reasons why students opt for this last resort:

  1. Personal matters like health or family prevent handing in the task on time;
  2. A student might not have known about the task or got the info last minute;
  3. There are some technical issues with the final work, devices, etc.
  4. A hectic lifestyle is another common excuse, especially for part-time workers;
  5. Traveling or learning from another time zone.

Below you will find some tips on how to write this type of letter.

Tips for Writing an Extension Letter

Those students who know themselves well and understand that late submission will be a constant in their lives – here’s to you. Browse the tips below to get a better understanding of how to write an extension letter for assignment:

Stay formal and polite in your writing;

  • Always indicate the date for which you need to postpone a deadline;
  • Better abstain from unnecessary details, be concise with your reason(s);
  • Be grateful in advance, show appreciation;
  • Don’t neglect apologizing for the inconvenience;
  • Don’t wait till the last minute.

Actually, the last point is very important. Calculate your time and write this important message not right before or right after the deadline. This is a sure way to prove that you’re serious about the whole thing.

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Example of an Extension Letter

To make your life as easy as possible, we’ve done the work ourselves. Find an example below and don’t hesitate to use it to your benefit. Who knows how many grades it will save!

To: The Tutor

From: The Student

Subject: Extension for History assignment due to travel reasons

Dear Sir/Madam,

As you might already know, the air commute between Country Z and Country Y has been halted for a day and a half due to weather conditions. Therefore, my stay at Country Z History Summer School is bound to take longer as expected.

Unfortunately, I am stuck in the airport without any digital device but my phone. I do not have access to my previous drafts for a writing assignment due in two days. Thus, I am afraid I will fail to meet the deadline. Therefore, I’m writing to ask for an extension till 12 p.m. Monday, April 15.

Kindly indicate whether such postponing of submission is possible. Thank you in advance for mere consideration of this request.



Hopefully, after having this sample in front of you, you’ll have a better understanding of how to approach asking for an extension. Good luck getting it!

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