75 Term Paper Topics – ideas for an inspiration

Term papers are academic assignments that tutors often give students as part of the evaluation process. The tutors assign the academic paper towards the end of the semester to gauge whether they understood the course unit. Thus, as a student, you must select the best topics for term paper assignments to help you develop a well-researched paper. 

This article does not only provides 75 ready-made term paper topics but also shows you ways to come up with one by yourself. Read on to understand how to create interesting term paper topics.

How to create good term paper topics – 3 steps

Topic selection is among the most critical aspects in term paper writing. Students must choose good term paper topics to guide them in writing exceptional papers. 

Below are simple steps to follow if you want to craft an outstanding paper:

Identify A Subject 

The first step is to identify a broad subject and then narrow it down to suit your research question. Choosing broad subject results in spending unnecessary time researching for information, making it impossible to complete the paper on time. Thus, you have to narrow down the subject within the paper’s boundaries to save time and effort. 

It is imperative to pick a subject you are familiar with because it will make the writing process much easier and faster. A difficult topic will consume more research hours, and you might include irrelevant arguments in the term paper. 

Moreover, topic selection determines the direction your paper will take and whether your intended audience will become curious to read your paper or not. Ensure you pick a captivating topic away from the boring and ordinary subjects. The trick is to grab the readers’ interest and make them want to continue reading your research document. Therefore, make it creative, insightful, and original.

Mind Mapping

It entails picking a central theme and thinking of other relatable ideas to focus on the significant ideas. Mind mapping allows one to choose a topic that has numerous ideas with relevant connections. The central subject is the mind map, and then the sub-topics are the branches that relate to the main topic. 

Additionally, it is an approach that enhances creativity and the generation of useful ideas. You are better positioned to analyze the subject matter with a mind map and structure it according to the research question. 

After adding the branches, you must include a keyword that will guide you in the research phase. Ensure you write the mind map as a visual diagram to help you remember all the points you want to include. You can also include images and colors to make it more interesting. 

Mind mapping allows students to develop easy term paper topics since they overview the primary theme. 

Extensive Research

You must have adequate academic resources for your topic. But first, make sure you conduct a computer search on the major topics you have on your final list to find the one that is highly studied. Besides, you can widen your search to include scholarly articles, websites, academic books, blogs, and other resources online. It is essential to pick a topic with numerous research materials to have enough information to help you develop your arguments.

Moreover, after settling on the best topic, don’t forget to conduct a reference check online or in your college library. 

Therefore, choosing a topic requires time and effort to mind map and research. Hence, don’t rush because you might select an irrelevant subject that does not relate to the research question.

 Term Paper Example Topics

Check out these exciting term paper topic ideas for various subject disciplines.

Sociology Term Paper Topics

  • Discuss the sociology of mass media
  • Impact of racial segregation
  • Relationship of social media and students
  • Discuss the conflict of class in society
  • Effects of a multicultural society

History Term Paper Topics

  • The role of racism in the civil war
  • Discuss the cause and effect of the great depression 
  • Police operation in Rome
  • The most influential presidential speech in the 20th century
  • Causes of the French Revolution

Psychology Term Paper Topics

  • The long-term impact of eating disorders.
  • How violence affects children.
  • How to manage learning disabilities early in life.
  • Impact of depression on work performance.
  • The relationship between childhood trauma and mental illness.

Economics Term Paper Topics

  • The trade relationship between the USA and China
  • How income affects consumer needs
  • Impact of a cashless society
  • Does income inequality affect economic growth?
  • Causes and effect of global recession

Microeconomics Term Paper Topics

  • Relationship between supply and demand
  • Why competition is vital in streamlining the market prices
  • Causes and effects of inflation
  • Discuss the stock market 
  • How to strike an ideal balance between nature and finance

Macroeconomics Term Paper Topics

  • The role of banks in sustaining the economy
  • Discuss the impact of international economics 
  • Strategies in managing personal finances
  • Impact of inflation in developed countries
  • Effect of unemployment on economic growth
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American History Term Paper Topics

  • Why Europeans colonized Americans
  • Discuss the factors that contributed to the American-Mexican war
  • The role of racism in the civil war
  • Major conflicts in the 1800s: Causes and impact
  • The Holocaust

Ethics Term Paper Topics

  • Causes and effects of bullying among students
  • Why is plagiarism a serious offense?
  • Does social media impair students’ moral ethics?
  • Discuss the impact of a toxic working environment
  • Why pregnant women should avoid smoking and drinking.

Medical Term Paper Topics

  • Effects of drug abuse on the human body.
  • Vaccination and its impact on children
  • Ways of preventing Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Does regular exercise boost your immune system?
  • The importance of research in developing vaccines.

Philosophy Term Paper Topics

  • Does society form an individual’s personality
  • Is family the ultimate key to happiness?
  • Discuss the positives and negatives of free will
  • The relationship between beauty standards and self-esteem
  • The impact of religion on human thinking

Chemistry Term Paper Topics

  • The importance of fluoride in water for human consumption
  • Effects of plastics on food 
  • The chemistry behind yeast and biofuel
  • Discuss the chemicals in food preservatives
  • Uses of carbon dioxide

Project Management Term Paper Topics

  • Discuss practical strategies in project management
  • The software used in managing projects
  • The relationship between crisis management and leadership skills
  • Ways to enhance teamwork and better working relationships
  • Traditional vs. modern approach in project management

Criminal Justice Term Paper Topics

  • Should capital punishment be abolished?
  • Methods of crime prevention
  • Impact of unemployment on rising criminal activities
  • Causes of peer pressure on crime
  • Does victimization influence crime rates?

Political Science Term Paper Topics

  • Good governance vs. economic growth
  • Does the private sector impact the national government?
  • Socio-economic impact of taxation policies
  • Implementation of harsh corruption laws 
  • Discuss democracy in the modern developed countries

Business Law Term Paper Topics

  • Causes and impact of age discrimination in global corporations
  • Importance of online digital footprints for business.
  • Why women still face sexual harassment in today’s corporate world.
  • Should fathers be awarded mandatory paternity leave?
  • The significance of commercial law
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