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  • Culture

    Urban legends are considered to be astounding and striking stories spread mainly orally or with the help of mass media.

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  • History

    This paper will survey historical trends in American agricultural structure, including the history and current status of hamlet communities and agricultural industries.

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  • Economics

    Inequality in income distribution in the US is increasing, which is evidenced by statistical data, as well as numerous articles and speeches in popular press.

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  • Marketing

    Famous people are always subject to increased attention of the public. This concerns not only their achievements and professional life, but also their private life.

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  • Business

    Operating on the global market can be compared to a magnifying glass that enlarges all weaknesses and strengths a product and company have.

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  • Philosophy

    In this paper, I will deal with the theories of personhood formulated by such influential thinkers of Early Modern time as John Locke and David Hume.

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